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Tim Hortons Suprises Classic LifeCare with Goodies

By April 24, 2020Moments
PHOTO: Jillian Clements, Client Care Coordinator, shows off the generous gift from Tim Hortons.


Gratitude in the form of coffee and sweet treats arrived for Classic LifeCare in Prince George.

Tim Hortons surprised Classic’s Prince George office on Friday with coffee and individually wrapped doughnuts as a thank you for the essential services being provided at this time of COVID-19.

Jennifer Popperl, Classic’s Clinical/Operations Manager, says while the gesture is unexpected and a huge mood booster for Classic, she’s actually not that surprised.

“Prince George is such a close-knit community and there is a real sense of neighbourly kindness, especially now with the pandemic. But I am still blown away by the thoughtfulness and feeling very grateful.”

Thank you Tim Hortons and thank you to all of our dedicated employees providing home care services during this time. Our clients are counting on us and you are showing up for them.