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Susan Marks 25 Years at Classic LifeCare

By January 23, 2020February 10th, 2023Moments
Susan celebrates 25 Years at Classic LifeCare

Susan Fulton, Clinical Leader, celebrates 25 years at Classic LifeCare. During this time, she has been providing nursing and clinical leadership for people in their homes.

Susan was showered with flowers, cake, speeches, and hugs on Thursday in Vancouver. Other Classic LifeCare office locations Skype-ed in for the celebration.

“I just love making a difference in the lives of people,” says Susan. “Doing something to help people through a difficult time feels like important work to me. Whether they are down on their knees, have just had surgery, or are looking for some respite. We get to make life a little bit better for them.”

She says aspects of the job that have kept her engaged are the rewarding work and the supportive environment.

Susan’s Classic LifeCare Journey

Susan started her career with Classic’s sister company CONNECT Communities, then called Classic Homestead.

She attributes her upbringing for her desire to serve others. Her father has dedicated his life to service and she hopes she has had a positive influence on her children in a similar way.

Yvette Litterscheidt, Operations Leader at Classic LifeCare, says Susan deserves to be celebrated.

“I love working with Susan. We each have our own perspective and opinion about things but we never argue and can always form an agreement.”

Andrea Warren, Executive Leader, says she has grown up with Susan. They both have a passion for everything that is Classic LifeCare.

“I can’t image doing this job without Susan on my team,” says Andrea. “And she’s my friend, not just my co-worker.”

Susan’s Future at Classic LifeCare

As for the future, Susan says she looks at the team of nurses and employees surrounding her at Classic LifeCare. She wants to focus her energies on building them up.

“I want these younger nurses and employees to get the same sort of fulfillment and meaning out of their careers,” says Susan.

While Susan is the clinical lead of Classic LifeCare and heavily involved in creating and reviewing policies and leading a clinical team, she still interacts with clients and field staff regularly to stay in touch with what home care is all about.

“I don’t want to lose that contact with the work we do for people or those employees delivering care in the home.”

Here’s to another 25 years at Classic LifeCare!

Are you looking for a nursing career in home care? Join Susan’s team.