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Sukhpreet’s Journey of Caring for Seniors

By September 12, 2023Moments
Sukhpreet Caring for Seniors

Sukhpreet has always been passionate about caring for seniors. In 2020, Sukhpreet took a leap of fate and moved from her hometown in India to Vancouver, Canada. As the nursing qualifications differed in both countries, Sukhpreet was no longer able to work as a Registered Nurse and started exploring alternative options. She began working in the banking sector but soon found it wasn’t for her.

Missing the healthcare industry, Sukhpreet was longing for a sense of job satisfaction and fulfillment. A friend, who was employed as a Health Care Aide at Classic LifeCare, introduced Sukhpreet to the idea of working in senior care. She joined the Classic LifeCare Vancouver team in July, stepping into the role of a Health Care Aide, and has rediscovered her sense of purpose.

Sukhpreet’s journey in caring for seniors is fueled by genuine affection. Her long-term aspiration is to become a Registered Nurse in Canada.


The Advantage of Caring for Seniors

When asked about her experience as a Health Care Aide at Classic LifeCare, Sukhpreet says:

I always wanted a career where I could take care of seniors. To me, taking care of seniors is not hard, it is inspiring and fulfilling. Seniors are integral members of our community, and I am fortunate to spend my days assisting them in their times of need. Seniors have so much wisdom, it is a pleasure to hear their stories and spend time with them.”

My favourite thing about working as a Health Care Aide is being someone that seniors can rely on. Seeing their trust in me motivates me to work more efficiently and to provide the best possible care for them. Every day is precious, which is truly unique to the role of a Health Care Aide.


Sukhpreet’s Journey with Classic LifeCare

Sukhpreet describes her experience at Classic LifeCare as “fun, satisfying, and fulfilling“. She admits:

As this was my first healthcare role in Canada, I was a bit nervous when I started. However, I was impressed by how supportive the Clinical and Service team was at Classic LifeCare. Although I work alone, I never feel alone. I keep in regular contact with the administrative team, and I feel comfortable phoning them if I have any questions.


Sukhpreet’s story highlights the impact caregivers can have on the lives of seniors. Classic LifeCare is always searching for dedicated and compassionate Health Care Aides to join our team. View our current job opportunities.