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SFGFRC Summer Clothes Donation

SFGFRC summer clothes donation

Recently, our team in Prince George rallied together to support the South Fort George Family Resource Centre’s (SFGFRC) Clothesline Program. The SFGFRC, a collaborative organization that includes partnerships between School District #57, the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD), Northern Health, and the City of Prince George, works tirelessly to provide vital support to individuals of all ages in need.


SFGFRC Summer Clothes Donation

Recognizing the value of accessible resources such as clothing, our Prince George team saw an ideal opportunity to contribute. With the arrival of warmer days, we decided to collect and donate summer clothes to the SFGFRC. To encourage active participation, we invited our field employees to join us in this clothing drive.

We organized a friendly competition amongst our staff members to enhance participation. For each bag of clothes donated, employees earned raffle tickets for a chance to win a gift basket. Every grocery bag of clothing equated to one raffle ticket, while a large garbage bag of donations earned participants four tickets. Throughout the month of June, our team brought in their generous summer clothing donations. We were proud to deliver to the bags to SFGFRC last week.


Classic LifeCare supports the Prince George community

This initiative is part of our newly launched Classic Cares program, an embodiment of our commitment to making a positive impact in the Prince George community. Through Classic Cares, we actively engage in donations, volunteering, and various forms of participation, reflecting our dedication to giving back.

Organizers of the summer clothes donation for SFGFRC, Alexandria and Jolene, spoke about the activity.

“Thank you to our wonderful employees in Prince George who pitched in with donations, we couldn’t have done this without you! The clothing drive was a smashing success. We were able to rally together for the Clothesline Program and support others in our community.”

By collecting and donating summer clothes, our team in Prince George contributed to providing essential resources for individuals in need. Through our Classic Cares program, we will continue to actively participate in initiatives that benefit the Prince George community.