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Providing Pediatric Community Care in Calgary

By November 15, 2023February 23rd, 2024Moments
Lucy providing community care in Calgary

Pediatric Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), Lucy is passionate about community care in Calgary. Since joining the Classic LifeCare Calgary team in 2017, Lucy has developed a unique blend of skills from diverse professional experiences. Over the years, she has built a heartwarming connection with the children and their families.

Six years into her journey with Classic LifeCare, Lucy reflects on her personal and professional growth. Like many others who immigrate to Canada, I came from Colombia 19 years ago without knowing the language, without a job, and without family members. Although I was without many things, I arrived with the hope of starting a new and better life. One of my accomplishments has been showing my daughters that continual learning and pursuing a profession that brings joy can help them grow.


Empowering Children Through Community Care in Calgary

Lucy previously worked as a Social Worker in her native country Columbia. Upon moving to Canada, a nursing career appealed to her because of the similarities to her previous role. Both professions share common goals and skills such as teamwork, critical thinking, problem-solving, ethics, advocacy, and compassion.

Lucy has enjoyed the past six years working with Classic LifeCare and providing community care in Calgary. Her Classic LifeCare journey began on a significant note—on her birthday, September 14. For Lucy, every passing year symbolizes not just another year of life but another year of contributing to the community care in Calgary. Now, her birthday is even more special.

Classic LifeCare has been more than an employer for Lucy—it has been the door to the healthcare industry, allowing her to gain crucial experience. When asked to describe her experience of working with Classic LifeCare in three words, she chose dedication, kindness, and creativity.


A Rewarding Six-Year Journey with Classic LifeCare

Lucy highlights aspects of her role as an LPN that she enjoys: My favourite thing about my role is witnessing the smiles of the children I care for and seeing them happy. I also like their parents’ kind words and gratitude and the appreciation from the Classic LifeCare Calgary staff. The skills acquired in nursing are applicable in many life scenarios, benefiting my personal life as well.


When asked if she had any special memories from her time providing community care in Calgary, Lucy shared:

When I assisted a girl in the Enhanced Educational Support class, I got to play with the kids in that group as well. Despite their mental and behavioural difficulties, they could still recognize me. They expressed their happiness, hugging me and asking me for help – it touched my heart. In that class, I realized how the role of nursing needs to be flexible, adaptable, and creative. A nurse must collaborate with other teams for patient-centered care while also fulfilling the wishes of the family.


In conclusion, Lucy’s journey providing community care in Calgary as a Pediatric LPN is a testament to the dedication and kindness in healthcare. Her story serves as a reminder of the profound impact nurses can have on the lives of others. If you want to assist and empower others, consider applying for a position at Classic LifeCare here. We are recruiting LPN’s, Health Care Aide’s and Companions in Calgary, Vancouver, Prince George, and Comox.