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Providing Home and School Care in Calgary

By October 11, 2023Moments

Nimrit, a dedicated LPN, speaks about providing pediatric home and school care in Calgary. Following a lineage of health professionals in her family, she embarked on her nursing journey to make a difference in the lives of others. Three years ago, she joined Classic LifeCare and praises the Calgary team for their continuous support.

Prior to joining Classic LifeCare, Nimrit spent seven years working at a medical clinic. It was there that she discovered her passion for working with pediatric clients. This was a revelation that took her by surprise, after mainly working with adults.


Nimrit’s Passion for Home and School Care in Calgary

Throughout her years with Classic LifeCare, Nimrit has supported numerous pediatric clients. Providing school care in Calgary is one of her favourite aspects of her role. She enthusiastically describes her experiences, saying, “I love being in the classroom, interacting with the teaching staff and kids. It’s fun providing school care as there are plenty of activities to take part in, such as art, music, and gym.”

When asked about any particularly special memories from her time at Classic LifeCare, Nimrit reflects, “It’s the little moments that are often the most meaningful. Sometimes, when I provide respite care, the families organize activities that I also attend. I like seeing the families relax and enjoy themselves. They regularly give me praise and it’s rewarding knowing that they deeply appreciate my support.”


Nimrit’s Journey with Classic LifeCare in Calgary

It was Nimrit’s friend, a part-time employee at Classic LifeCare, who recommended that she apply for a pediatric LPN role. Nimrit mentions how she feels supported by the Classic LifeCare team in Calgary. Whenever she has a question or needs guidance, she feels comfortable picking up the phone and seeking advice from the office team.

One of the aspects Nimrit values most about her work is the opportunity to care for children with a wide range of complex conditions. She appreciates diversity in her work and says she is constantly expanding her knowledge.

As Nimrit continues to improve lives, her passion for nurturing and developing children drives her inspiring career.