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Organ Donation Saves Lives

By March 15, 2013April 3rd, 2023Moments
organ donation

Andrea Warren is alive because of organ donation and her coworkers and friends are lacing up their runners to show their support.

Warren, Classic LifeCare Executive Leader, has undergone three liver transplants. She now enjoys a healthy, energetic, successful life filled with love and gratitude.

Run For Organ Donation

Classic LifeCare staff is putting its best foot forward for the Transplant Trot in Burnaby on April 28 for awareness of organ donation. The event is hosted by the Canadian Transplant Association.

Classic LifeCare’s Alberta team will participate in the Transplant Trot in Calgary on April 20.

Yvette Litterscheidt, Operations Leader for Classic, has worked with Warren for 15 years. She says it’s incredible to see how organ donation has given Warren her life back.

“Seeing what she has gone through, and what she’s like today because of that third transplant, it’s a miracle,” says Litterscheidt. “It’s so difficult to sit across from someone and watch them struggle and constantly be in the hospital. We watched Andrea go to the very edge and, because someone donated their liver, she’s with us today. She has been through so much and it’s amazing to see how she’s thriving now.”

Litterscheidt is participating in the Transplant Trot with her son, Brandon.

“None of us in the office hesitated to participate in this walk. I have signed up to be an organ donor. Why wouldn’t you agree to donate your organs when you die? You can give someone the gift of life.”