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Kenneth’s Lasting Memories in Calgary

By March 26, 2024Moments
Kenneth's Memories in Calgary

In this blog, Kenneth, a Classic LifeCare client, reminisces about his cherished memories in Calgary.

Kenneth, a proud Calgarian, has called the same SW Calgary neighborhood home since 1957. Despite the urban changes over the years, Kenneth fondly notes that the streets still exude the same warmth and familiarity as they did decades ago. His love for the community is evident, with friendly faces making regular appearances in his daily life.

For Kenneth, Calgary was the perfect location to raise his four children while working in the oil, gas, and mining industries. He cherishes the memories of his kids playing on the safe and pleasant streets during the summers, surrounded by the beauty of nature.


A Life Enriched by Adventure and Optimism

Travelling is one of Kenneth’s passions in life. Reflecting on his favourite trip to London in the 1970s, he credits his adventures for teaching him valuable life lessons. He strongly believes in embracing equality and treating everyone with respect. Kenneth has passed on his love for exploration to his children, one of whom now resides in Australia. Making sure not to let the opportunity pass, Kenneth travelled across the globe and explored life down under.


Making Memories in Calgary

Ever the optimist, Kenneth finds joy in getting up in the morning, expressing gratitude for each day’s endless possibilities. Living in Calgary, he is fascinated with geography, particularly rocks and minerals. Kenneth loves visiting Drumheller and searching for fossils. At home, his windowsill is covered with large, healthy plants reflecting his nurturing side. Amidst his adventurous pursuits, Kenneth humorously admits one of his simple life pleasures is visiting McDonald’s.

For Kenneth, the true pride and joy in life come from his children and grandchildren. His advice to the younger generation is simple yet profound: be yourself.


A Positive Chapter with Classic LifeCare

Kenneth has been receiving home care from the Classic LifeCare Calgary team. He speaks highly of the daily assistance he receives, describing it as genuinely helpful and professional. Kenneth expresses gratitude for his caregiver Vue, saying that she is the best cook ever. Recommending Classic LifeCare to those seeking home care in Calgary, Kenneth’s positive experience adds another heartwarming chapter to his enduring connection with his community.

Classic LifeCare is a private home care agency serving the Calgary community. We provide a large range of services, from personal support to palliative care. Classic LifeCare is also committed to helping all generations, from pediatrics to seniors. Our priority is to help each client thrive so that they can make lasting memories in Calgary, just like Kenneth.

Classic LifeCare also operates in three British Columbia locations, including Vancouver, Prince George, and Comox. Contact us if you wish to schedule home care services in Calgary or British Columbia.