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Life Skills Therapy Sets Itself Apart

By April 10, 2017February 15th, 2023Moments
Life Skills Therapy

Life Skills Therapy sets itself apart with a unique focus, specialization and emphasis on recovery, and education.

What is Life Skills Therapy?

Life Skills Therapy specializes in providing rehabilitation services to clients with various conditions including stroke and brain injury by focusing on recovery rather than compensation.

Amit Kumar, occupational therapist and his wife, Lakshmi Gupta, also an OT, started Life Skills Therapy shortly after moving to Canada in 2011 and have grown it steadily ever since. With 30 staff members, among them, occupational therapists, kinesiologists, rehab assistants and physiotherapists, clients from Hope to Whistler are served. They also offer education, seminars, workshops and research work.

“We focus on recovery – not compensating,” says Amit, during an interview at Neurofunction Rehab. Life Skills Therapy is the community-based parent company, while Neurofunction Rehab is the bricks and mortar rehabilitation centre where therapists and clients can access equipment and a space for assessments, treatments and learning. “Our unique approach to treatment is time consuming, but it makes all the difference. As OTs, we address the whole person through the four domains of self-care, productivity, leisure and spirituality or contentment. Only when you address all four areas do you really get into recovery.”

Amit has a unique approach to the business, based on years of experience.

“The business has grown, largely by word of mouth as we always strive to do a great job for our clients. We received the Surrey Business Excellence Award in 2013 and opened Neurofunction Rehab two years ago.

“I am very satisfied as an OT,” says Amit, who was educated in India, initially setting out to become a doctor. “I am glad my path led me to OT because it is a holistic approach that can drastically change a person’s life.”

Amit and Lakshmi spent 10 years in Ireland, where they worked as OTs, running workshops and conducting training sessions. They decided to move to Canada in 2011.

“I applied for a number of OT positions when I first came to Canada but didn’t get a single interview. Lakshmi and I decided to start our own business. Our journey so far has been nothing short of amazing.”

Amit is always there for his clients

No matter how busy Amit gets, he says he is always available to discuss client needs and concerns, and to ensure high quality services are provided to the company’s clientele.

“I am always available for a free consultation so clients can decide for themselves. If you like us, hire us.”

In addition to private clients, many people are referred to Life Skills Therapy by ICBC, WorkSafeBC and various law firms.

For more information about Life Skills Therapy or to inquire about services offered, call 778-384-4503 or visit www.lifeskillstherapy.ca. The website features client testimonials, news and articles, and information about services offered.

Neurofunction Rehab is one of a handful of clinics in Lower Mainland focused on complete neurological rehabilitation.

For more information about Neurofunction Rehab, call 604-574-1255 or visit www.neurofunctionrehab.ca.