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Howard Freeze: The Art Of The Moment

By April 9, 2012February 21st, 2023Moments
Howard Freeze


If you ask Howard Freeze what he did for a living, he’ll tell you he’s an artist who happened to make money in dentistry.

Born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Howard Freeze made his living as a dentist for 30 years. He paints classic impressionist portraits, still life and landscapes. His productivity has blossomed since he retired and he has shown his work in various galleries in Calgary and beyond.

Howard has always loved travelling and the outdoors. Throughout his life, he has been an avid hiker, and he still draws inspiration from the travels he took through Europe in his younger years, and the art he took in there.

Yet nothing inspires Howard more than home. He still lives on the same property he grew up on, so he has deep roots in the community and life-long neighbours. Howard’s home is filled with his diverse art collection. However he spends the most time is in his custom-made painting studio. From there he can look into the tall trees outside and draw comfort from his sense of place.

At 86 Howard found himself alone after the passing

Despite his independent nature, the loss was palpable and Howard knew he needed help and companionship. Painting alone would not be enough to sustain him. Howard also needed help sustaining his day-to-day activities and home environment. He needed someone to prepare healthy meals, remind him to take his medication and help with chores.

Now that he was living alone, personal safety became an issue like never before. When Howard was alone at home, he would worry. What if something happened to him – a medical emergency or an accident – and nobody was there to lend a hand or make an emergency call? Since his home and his independence were core values for Howard, he and his family decided that a live-in caregiver might be the solution – someone he could trust to do the practical tasks he needed help with, who could also provide a feeling of security.


Howard’s search for home care

After several frustrating tenures with unsatisfactory caregivers, Howard and his family found Classic LifeCare. Howard has now been receiving live-in care with Classic for just over one year. He has established a very good relationship with his caregivers.  His family members report they finally have peace of mind because they know Howard is safe care.

Things haven’t changed that for Howard – he’s still an artist, not a dentist. He speaks of the many memories he has collected with fellow artists, students and friends. His studio looks busier than ever, surfaces covered with paint, random sketches and layers of hand-pulled canvas. Textures and colours litter his eclectic, creative space, which smells of oil paints, pastels and pencil sharpening’s. It’s a calming thought for the family, and a therapeutic practise for Howard to maintain his in-home studio. It keeps his abilities sharp, allowing him-to focus on his passion – capturing the moments that matter.

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