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Helping People in Vancouver

By November 15, 2023Moments
Tetyana helping people in Vancouver

In September, Tetyana began helping people in Vancouver through her role as a Health Care Aide. Tetyana’s journey to becoming a Health Care Aide is marked by a blend of personal and professional experiences.

Born and raised in Ukraine, Tetyana holds her homeland in high regard, describing it as “an amazing country with delicious cuisine”. Initially, she was interested in a business occupation having completed a 4-year degree in economics.

However, after university, Tetyana moved to Italy where she spent the next 20 years. It was in Italy that she found her passion for caring for others. During this time, she spent four years working at a hospice supporting cancer patients. While none of her family members worked directly in healthcare, Tetyana fondly recalls how her close-knit family used to always help and support each other.


Tetyana Begins Helping People in Vancouver with Classic LifeCare

Tetyana stumbled upon a job posting on Indeed for Health Care Aides at Classic LifeCare. Her initial impressions of the organization were overwhelmingly positive. She immediately found the team to be helpful and friendly. Speaking about her role, Tetyana explains, “I like helping people of different ages and seeing them happy. The role of a Health Care Aide is rewarding and meaningful, every day I feel needed and appreciated.”

In her down time, Tetyana enjoys reading and learning about new topics. Referring to her role as a Health Care Aide, Tetyana mentions how she likes “improving her professional skills and getting to put the theory into practice.” When asked to describe her perspective on Classic LifeCare in three words, Tetyana chose “punctual, professional, and attentive.” Looking ahead, she hopes to complete a Health Care Aide course in Canada and become a Registered Care Aide.


Become A Health Care Aide at Classic LifeCare

Working as a Health Care Aide offers a rich diversity of experiences. Every day brings new challenges as you engage with various clients and undertake a range of tasks. Few professions provide the opportunity to make a positive impact on multiple lives each day, making it a truly fulfilling and rewarding career.

If you wish to embark on a career of helping people in Vancouver like Tetyana, please apply for one of our vacant positions.