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Life As a Health Care Aide in Comox

By October 6, 2023Moments
Carol's Life as a Health Care Aide in Comox

Carol joined Classic LifeCare in April 2023 and works as a Health Care Aide in Comox. She initially trained as a hairdresser, however, she yearned for a more fulfilling role where she could make an impact on the lives of others. Following her transition to healthcare, Carol spent 17 years working in a care facility in Ontario before relocating to Comox.

During her childhood, she lived in various locations as her father served in the military. She always had a draw to Comox, having spent many years there and creating special memories and friendships. In 2019, Carol decided to relocate to Comox for good as it offered her family a tranquil life with good career opportunities. She also felt closer to her father, who is buried in Comox, his favourite destination.


The Difference Between Working in a Care Facility and Home Care

Although Carol enjoyed many great years providing support in a long-term care facility, she is happy that she ventured into home care. “I wish I had transitioned to home care earlier; I love it. While I’ve worked as a Health Care Aide in both settings, I’ve noticed a big difference between the roles. Home care enables me to develop deeper connections with my clients because I work with one client at a time and I get to know them on a personal level. In the facility, I had around 26 residents to care for, making it more challenging to build meaningful relationships. Many times, it was so busy that I didn’t have the opportunity to sit down and have conversations with the residents.”

Carol also enjoys the flexibility and work-life balance that her role offers. “When I was hired, I requested to have some weekends off. Laila was very accommodating and told me I could have every weekend off if I wished. This flexibility allows me to enjoy the true beauty of Comox on the weekends, which I love.”


Working as a Health Care Aide in Comox with Classic LifeCare

“A friend of mine suggested I apply for a position at Classic LifeCare, and my experience has been positive. Working with Laila in the Comox office has been a highlight. She provides me with a lot of praise and recognition, which is something unique to this position. I visit the office every Friday morning, bringing treats for us to enjoy with our tea. Laila is the best leader I’ve ever had; she has built a strong team here in Comox.”

When Carol was asked to describe Classic LifeCare in three words, she chose “Fulfilling, Satisfying, and Rewarding”. She recalls how her dad used to tell her that a job is not all about money and that she should love and feel passionate about what she does. Carol sees her role as a Health Care Aide in Comox as a job where she can make a positive impact, creating a win-win situation.


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