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Spring Cleaning Can Be Fun!

By February 16, 2023February 23rd, 2024Moments
Spring cleaning

Spring cleaning is something people may dread when it is seen as a chore rather than a fun activity. However, good hygiene has many health benefits and can create a sense of accomplishment too. Perhaps you have been staring at dusty light fixtures for months, or every time you open your closet something falls out. You never get around to cleaning these areas because other life activities get in the way. Now is the perfect time to prioritize these cleaning tasks and organize your living space!


What activities can make spring cleaning more fun?

Why not try some of the following ideas?

  • Listen to your favourite music and perhaps have a little dance.
  • Laugh out loud while listening to your favourite comedian.
  • Expand your mind by listening to a podcast.
  • Take a trip down memory lane and discover objects you haven’t seen in a long time!
  • Create a contest by timing yourself on each task. Challenge your friends and family to beat your best time.
  • Track your steps and calories burned to see how cleaning benefits your health.
  • Take before and after pictures to show your achievement.


Organize your spring cleaning

It is important to track your progress to create a sense of achievement. Define your goals before you start spring cleaning. Use the SMART goal model, where each goal is specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely.

You can treat yourself to a reward when all the tasks are finished. This could be ordering your favourite food, a glass of wine, or whatever motivates you to want to complete your spring-cleaning goals. Alternatively, the goals themselves may give you that feel-good factor – a clean stove top, organized closet, or sparkling windows.


Classic LifeCare challenges you to complete the following tasks this spring:

  1. Dust your light bulb fixtures.
  2. Clean your wardrobe and donate clothes you no longer want.
  3. Organize your closet.
  4. Deep clean your oven.
  5. Clean and defrost your fridge and freezer.
  6. Wash your rugs and pillow covers.
  7. Clean your pantry and food cupboards.
  8. Wash your windows and glass doors.


Classic LifeCare’s Housekeeping Services

We understand that not everyone can clean independently. Cleaning activities are challenging for people with disabilities or injuries, seniors, and people with small children. Some people might not have time for housekeeping as they have other priorities. Classic LifeCare offers housekeeping services in Prince George, Vancouver, Calgary, and Comox.

Contact us for housekeeping support.