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Emergency Planning in the Comox Valley

Emergency Planning in the Comox Valley

The October Courageous Conversation event revolved around emergency planning in the Comox Valley, specifically focusing on extreme winter weather. We were joined by local emergency planning experts, Cari McIntyre and Monique Thomas from the Comox Valley Emergency Program. They shared valuable information about this topic and the local resources available.

This session was timely as the Comox Valley experienced its first snowfall of 2023. Cari initiated the event with a unique and engaging icebreaker, prompting hosts and attendees to exchange personal and professional information about themselves. She emphasized that the foundation of emergency planning is built on trust. To support one another during severe weather events, we must first build connections and rapport. This trust-building exercise proved immensely beneficial for both parties, enhancing disaster response preparedness.


Exploring Emergency Planning in the Comox Valley

Following introductions, Cari and Monique delivered a presentation on emergency planning, outlining the key steps for creating a robust plan. They shared past news clips illustrating extreme weather events in the Comox Valley that required emergency planning. They also strongly encouraged Comox residents to create their neighborhood emergency plans and to register for emergency notifications.

Cari and Monique stressed the importance of informing elderly relatives or neighbours in the Comox Valley about the availability of emergency notifications. Additionally, they recommended designating an emergency planning buddy who can be contacted when assistance is needed during severe weather conditions.

Comox Valley Emergency Planning Resources:


Partnering for Community Resilience in the Comox Valley

Classic LifeCare started Courageous Conversations earlier this year to empower the Comox community with knowledge about the resources available to them. We are proud to partner with other local organizations including the Comox Valley Senior Support Society, Alongside Caregiver Consulting, and Keystone Eldercare Solutions to host these monthly open houses. Join us for next month’s open house on Tuesday, November 28th, where we will discuss Fraud Protection ahead of the holiday season.


Contact Classic LifeCare Comox for more information about our monthly open houses or information on home support.