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Courageous Caregiving Conversations – Comox

By March 24, 2023June 12th, 2023Classic Cares, Moments
Courageous Caregiving Conversations in the Comox Valley

On Wednesday March 22nd, we hosted our first Courageous Caregiving Conversations event from 1PM to 3PM. This was an in-person interaction at our Classic LifeCare Comox office.

We were delighted to partner with Alison Van Schie from Alongside Caregiver Consulting. Alongside Caregiver Consulting specialize in providing professional, educational, and practical support to family members caring for a loved one who has been diagnosed with Dementia. Alison is a Certified Caregiving Consultant and receives glowing reviews for her listening ability and guidance.

We advertised the Open House on our social media channels and placed posters in local areas. There was a large response with social media messages, phone calls and office visits. We were even recognized and approached when out and about in the community!


The Formation of Courageous Caregiving Conversations

Laila, who is a Client Care Coordinator at Classic LifeCare, speaks of what sparked this initiative:

We noticed an information gap within our community between getting a diagnosis and the steps that come next. Caregivers often feel like they must chart the path alone. The caregiving journey is difficult to navigate as there are multiple paths a person can take. We wanted to help bridge that gap by allowing caregivers to share their challenges, find local resources, and ask their questions to local professionals. Our goal was to provide a place to start these conversations, support caregivers in the Comox Valley and enable them to make informed decisions.”

Alison from Alongside Caregiver Consulting

How Can This Initiative Help People in the Comox Valley?

Many people don’t plan to be a caregiver and suddenly take on this new role without a lot of education or guidance. Becoming a caregiver can be overwhelming so it is important that there is a safe place to go for support. It also takes courage to speak about such sensitive topics and ask for help.

Courageous Caregiving Conversations is an informal event where people can speak with and seek advice from local professionals. They can learn about different caregiving options available for them and their situation.

Alison from Alongside Caregiver Consulting welcomes this local initiative:

“These conversations provide a much-needed opportunity for caregivers to ask questions, verbalize concerns, hear about local and online resources, and receive information that they can take with them. What a fantastic opportunity!”

Thank you to everyone who attended and bravely opened up to us at our first open house. We really enjoyed the conversations and getting to meet local caregivers. There was so much positive energy in our office that our tulips bloomed during the event!

Comox Tulips Bloom

What’s Next for Courageous Caregiving Conversations?

As we advance, we plan to make Courageous Caregiving Conversations a monthly occurrence. We want everyone to feel confident in making decisions that suit both their needs and their well-being.

Over the coming months, we will invite representatives from a variety of healthcare organizations in the Comox Valley to listen, speak, and offer advice. Feel free to stop by our office for our next event!