CONNECT Richmond Now has its License and is Supporting its First Individual

By August 5, 2020 Moments

CONNECT Richmond is an exciting joint project with our sister company CONNECT Communities.

CONNECT Richmond is a three-year pilot project and represents an exciting opportunity to apply CONNECT’s Leading Practice Life Redesign Model to a new population battling mental health and addiction.

“We have a wonderful, vibrant team hired and we are so thankful to the greater team from CONNECT and Classic LifeCare who worked tirelessly to get this project off the ground,” says Andrea Warren, Executive Leader of Classic LifeCare, who is leading CONNECT Richmond. “With the added complexity of COVID-19, I am very proud to get this project going and start supporting this population.”

We have a talented team hired and are excited to support our first individual, who moved in on Tuesday. We are hosting two additional tours this week for potential move-ins. The house has capacity to support five individuals.