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The Comox Valley Comes Together to Support Seniors

By May 26, 2023Moments
Community in Comox Valley came together

On Tuesday, the community in Comox Valley came together at the Presbyterian Church for our Courageous Caregiving Conversations open house. With an impressive turnout of thirty attendees, the event exceeded expectations and left a lasting impact. This month, we collaborated with co-sponsor Chris Bates from the Comox Valley Senior Support Society, along with Alison Van Schie from Alongside Caregiver Consulting and Valerie Wiens from Keystone Eldercare Solutions. It was a resounding success and provided invaluable insights.


The Beginning of Courageous Caregiving Conversations in the Comox Valley

We noticed there was a concerning gap between receiving a diagnosis and embarking on the caregiving journey. This highlighted a need for more community awareness about the various caregiving options and supports available for both the client and the caregiver.

Courageous Caregiving Conversations enable community experts from different agencies in the Comox Valley to come together to share caregiving information. With a shared goal of better supporting our community, we are committed to improving the well-being of seniors in the Comox Valley. Addressing the awareness gap and providing open dialogue platforms creates a stronger support system.


The Comox Valley Came Together to Learn, Connect, and Share

Chris Bates of the Senior Support Society opened this month’s open house, setting a tone of compassion and empathy. Laila Yuile, Client Care Coordinator at Classic LifeCare, presented a comprehensive overview of the home care services available in the Comox Valley. Laila also introduced attendees to our sister company, Driving Miss Daisy, which offers medical escort services. Alison Van Schie delivered an insightful presentation on the diverse home care options and caregiver support resources. Valerie Wiens shared her extensive experience as a Registered Nurse for VIHA and her role in acquiring Keystone Eldercare Solutions, which assists family caregivers and seniors in making informed decisions through life and age-related transitions.


Learning From the Experience of Others

The presentations were followed by interactive Q&A sessions that sparked valuable discussions among attendees. This exchange of stories and seeking advice from local community experts fostered a sense of shared understanding and support. Attendees were provided with a wealth of information throughout the event and left with a clear caregiving direction.

Encouraged by the overwhelmingly positive response, we are eagerly anticipating our next open house which will take place in June. People of all ages are welcome to attend and seek advice. Stay tuned for further details!