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Community Support During Covid-19

By April 9, 2020May 2nd, 2023Moments
Community support during Covid-19
Community Support For Our Healthcare Superheroes

CDC recently recommended that Health Care Workers wear masks when in the community with clients. Classic LifeCare put a request out for help making and sourcing cloth masks.

The response has been overwhelming. We would like to say a big thank you to the employees, friends, family members, and community. This support enables us to distribute the masks to our hard-working staff and keep our community safe.

Classic LifeCare Are Grateful For The Community Support

“It has been incredible to see these masks coming in,” says Susan Fulton, Clinical Leader. “We were excited to know we could acquire some cloth masks. Materials are scarce, and the sewers had to be quite resourceful in finding elastic and cloth.”

Susan says it has been inspiring and humbling to witness people rising to the challenge, some of them working for free and donating supplies.

Andrea Warren, Executive Leader for Classic, found a friend of a friend on Vancouver Island who is making 30 cloth masks for Classic employees.

Andrea exchanged the first batch of masks for a tray of warm cookies she baked.

Vancouver Clinical Nursing Supervisor, Simi, enlisted her mom to make a bunch of masks. Due to elastic shortages, they improvised and used elastic from medical shoe covers.

Thank you Classic LifeCare employees Sandra from Alberta and Doreena from Prince George for the many masks you made. Also, Tammy Weiss, Classic LifeCare Comox Clinical/Operations Leader, has her aunt to thank for a bunch of masks for Comox employees.

Classic Employees Can Now Access These Hand-Made Masks

Classic LifeCare employees who want one of these masks can please call the office to get one. Extra masks will be donated to our health care partners for their employees.

Thank you everyone who worked so hard to make these for us.


We are always looking for healthcare superheroes. Join our team in Vancouver, Calgary, Prince George, or Comox!

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