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Classic Sponsor Annual WorkSafe Conference

By May 1, 2023Moments
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WorkSafe BC hosted its 15th Annual Health Care Professional Conference on April 21st in Vancouver. Classic LifeCare was a gold sponsor at this event in partnership with our sister company CONNECT Communities. Our CEO John Sherwood and Nursing team members at Classic LifeCare and CONNECT Communities were in attendance.

Starting at 8 AM, the conference had a full lineup of keynote speakers discussing a variety of healthcare topics. Motivation and inspiration filled the room at the JW Marriott Parq Hotel throughout the day.


Conference Schedule and Topics

Joe Roberts kickstarted the conference with a motivational talk on building resilience. Receiving a standing ovation, Roberts spoke about his early troubles with substance abuse and homelessness and how he overcame these challenges to become CEO.

Following this talk, attendees could attend two of the four talks offered. The optional talks addressed power recovery, physiotherapy, physical health, and mental health. Clinical Nursing Leader, Malisha attended the talks on Using Purpose to Power Recovery and the Abilities Language in Mental Health. They provided a fresh perspective on dealing with clients and communicating their abilities and progress.

After lunch, Min Trevor Kyi, presented on functional cognition. This research-based talk highlighted new theories and benefits for brain injury. Dr. Evan Tlesla II Adams followed with a talk on reconciliation in the workplace. Adams provided advice on how to build a culturally safe healthcare environment.

Ending the conference, Dr. Launette Rieb discussed concurrent disorders and an interdisciplinary approach to care.


Networking With Other Professionals Caring For BC

There was a great opportunity to network with other healthcare professionals during the conference. Classic LifeCare had a booth where members of our team shared information regarding our services and care approach with other attendees. We had a Classic LifeCare and CONNECT Communities banner on display along with brochures. Forming community connections was one of the highlights of the conference.


The Impact of the Conference

Speaking about the Annual WorkSafe Conference, Malisha who is a CNS at Classic LifeCare said “It was great to meet other like-minded people, especially those that we interact with on a regular basis. For me, what I liked most about the conference was the sense of community. We were all there for the same purpose, to better serve our clients. It felt wholesome that we can all work together to care for people living in BC.”

Classic LifeCare was proud to sponsor such an educational and impactful event. We love the opportunity to learn from industry experts so that we can stay up to date with new research findings. The Annual WorkSafe conference is a great social event where we meet new and old friends, all of whom are dedicated to keeping BC healthy and safe.


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