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Celebrating Milestones and Nurturing Growth

By January 31, 2024Moments
Yvette Litterscheidt

1974 holds a special significance for Yvette Litterscheidt, Classic LifeCare’s Executive Leader, as it coincides with both the company’s 50th anniversary and her own 50th birthday. Since joining Classic LifeCare in July 1997, Yvette has dedicated half of her life to the company’s service and growth.


From Humble Beginnings to Running Classic LifeCare

Yvette’s journey with Classic LifeCare commenced in a receptionist role, steadily propelling her to the helm where she now leads the company. During its earlier phase as Classic Caregivers, the team consisted of only 4-5 employees. She took maternity leave in 1999 and when she returned the team had expanded to 6-7 team members. Yvette has worked in all the business departments including scheduling, marketing, and payroll. Recognizing her commitment and leadership talent, Yvette became the Operations Leader at Classic LifeCare, meaning that she oversaw the day-to-day operations in all the Classic LifeCare branches. In 2021, she was promoted to Executive Leader of Classic LifeCare and currently runs the business.

Many technological and organizational changes have taken place in the last 25 years. When Yvette started scheduling, it was a lot more manual and laboursome. For her, the biggest change was the introduction of technology to help perform duties more efficiently. “When I started with Classic LifeCare, our scheduling program was in a DOS program. Now the system we use is far more advanced than the simple program we started with.”


Why Classic LifeCare?

Celebrating 25 years with a company is a remarkable milestone. When asked to describe Classic LifeCare in three words, Yvette chose “Family, Caring, Vitality.” Yvette now considers her colleagues at Classic LifeCare family, whom she has grown with over the years. “For me Classic LifeCare is family. As I joined in my 20’s, I have grown with the company and some of the other long-term employees. We have seen each other at our highest and lowest points in life, everything from getting married and having kids, to difficult personal issues. To work for a company that consistently supports you over 25 years is irreplaceable. Classic LifeCare owners, John and Susanne have treated me like family and I know they are always there for me when I need them. It makes it easier to grow personally and professionally when you know there is a strong support system backing you.”

One of Yvette’s favourite things about Classic LifeCare is the service we provide. It is rare to find a job that makes such an impact on people’s lives. “By working at Classic LifeCare, a home care agency, you know that each day you are making many clients, and their family’s lives better and bringing some joy during difficult times.” Yvette also enjoys the social aspect of her job, celebrating birthdays and work anniversaries, and listening to employee and client stories. “There is so much vitality within Classic and that is why I have stayed here for 25 years.”


Enduring Memories and Challenges

Yvette has experienced many great memories during her time with Classic LifeCare. When asked about some of her favourite memories, she responds “I have loved working with many people within Classic LifeCare and watching them grow into their roles and progress within the company. It has been an honour to mentor so many talented and motivated people. Classic Cares, our corporate giving program holds a special place in my heart and I have loved being able to give back to our local communities.”

Reflecting on her favourite projects, a career highlight for Yvette is acquiring other businesses. “My favourite projects are acquisitions. I love learning about other like-minded businesses and respectfully incorporating them into Classic LifeCare. Expanding in new locations like Comox and Prince George has brought a lot of learnings and opportunities.”

However, with highs come lows and it hasn’t always been smooth sailing. The recent pandemic was challenging. Yvette also mentioned that it can be difficult to manage new teams in different locations where there is a strong reliance on technology. The introduction of new generations into the workplace can also be challenging as trends and requirements change and there is a demand for companies to keep up with them.


What is in store for Classic LifeCare?

Yvette shares her vision for Classic LifeCare in the future: “I would love to see Classic LifeCare continue to grow and expand, whether that’s delivering new services in healthcare or exploring new locations. The company has been around for 50 years and that is a lot in the health care field. We have an amazing team of people who are ambitious and welcome a challenge.”


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