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Celebrating Caregivers in Prince George

By April 10, 2024Moments
Caregivers in Prince George

Classic LifeCare recently hosted an open house to celebrate our wonderful caregivers in Prince George. This event was to recognize their ongoing hard work and dedication to their clients. The open house offered our Prince George healthcare workers an opportunity to connect with peers, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie. Delicious snacks were provided, adding to the warm atmosphere of appreciation and gratitude.

We took the opportunity to speak with some of our Prince George employees to hear about their life journeys and Classic LifeCare experience.


Meet Aynsley, a caregiver in Prince George who is effectively balancing her work, studies, and family

Originally from Newfoundland, Aynsley relocated to Prince George in 2009 to be closer to her mother. She is currently enrolled in the Registered Care Aide program at Discovery Community College. Speaking about her studies, Aynsley has a big advantage as she has accumulated many years of real-life caregiving experience. Aynsley shares, “I like to think of my role as helping a person rather than viewing it as a job.

Aynsley has been caring for seniors since her early adult years, starting with private care for her neighbour and later a family member. She unexpectedly became a Care Aide for an elderly lady she met while purchasing items from Marketplace. While speaking with the lady, Aynsley realized she was looking for additional support and Aynsley ultimately became her Care Aide. Their chance encounter led to a meaningful relationship and steered Aynsley’s career journey in a new direction.

Joining the Classic LifeCare team a year ago, Aynsley initially worked as a housekeeper before becoming a caregiver in Prince George. She speaks fondly of her experience, saying, “Classic LifeCare is the best employer I’ve ever had. The team is so nice and friendly, and they truly recognize and appreciate my efforts.” Aynsley values Classic LifeCare for its accommodating and flexible approach. Balancing work with her studies and caring for her five-year-old son requires a flexible schedule, and she appreciates how Classic supports her in managing these responsibilities.

Meet Leslie: A Dedicated Care Aide with 30+ Years’ Experience

Leslie, a dedicated caregiver in Prince George with over 30 years of experience, finds her inspiration in helping people. She settled in Prince George 12 years ago for its tranquil yet well-equipped city. Working in a facility supporting mentally challenged adults for 10 years, Leslie transitioned to home care almost two years ago when she joined Classic LifeCare.

At Classic LifeCare, Leslie provides personal care, companionship, housekeeping, meal preparation, and medication assistance. She appreciates the supportive office team and the diversity in her role. Leslie values the personalized approach of home care, allowing her to connect deeply with clients and learn from their life experiences.

She loves attending Classic LifeCare’s events, cherishing the chance to bond with her Prince George colleagues. Leslie admires the company’s genuine care for both clients and employees, making it a fulfilling workplace aligned with her passion for caregiving.

Meet Harley: An Ambitious Caregiver in Prince George with a Heart for Dementia Care

Born in Prince George, she later moved to Calgary before returning to her hometown for schooling. Harley aspires to become an LPN, aiming to be the first in her family to attend university—a proud milestone she hopes to achieve. She is currently in school preparing to get accepted into a LPN program and balances work with her studies. Harley’s ambition doesn’t stop there, her ultimate goal is to become a Registered Nurse.

Joining Classic LifeCare in October 2023, Harley initially felt nervous about the transition. She credits the training provided by the Classic team for making her feel more at ease ahead of her visits. Just like Aynsley, Harley values Classic LifeCare’s flexibility in scheduling her shifts around her other life commitments. She notes that Classic LifeCare is an excellent workplace for students like herself who are balancing various aspects of their lives.

Describing Classic LifeCare in three words, Harley chose accommodating, friendly, and approachable. Her passion for helping others shines through in the personalized services she provides, including personal care, dementia care, medication assistance, meal support, housekeeping, and companionship. Harley mentions how she particularly enjoys caring for people with Dementia as she has a lot of experience which has improved her care approach. She was recently named the Classic LifeCare Employee of the Month for her exceptional contributions and outstanding performance.


Classic LifeCare in Prince George

Classic LifeCare is proud to serve the Prince George community, offering the finest home care experience. We offer a wide range of services, from home support and housekeeping to palliative care. With 50 years of experience, we tailor or home care services to meet the unique needs of each client. If you wish to learn more about home care in Prince George, please call our office at (250) 563-3501.

If you wish to become a caregiver in Prince George, apply for a job opening.