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Margaret’s 105th Birthday Celebration!

By January 25, 2023February 3rd, 2023Moments
Margaret's 105th Birthday

We recently had the privilege of celebrating long-time client Margaret’s 105th birthday, an inspirational milestone. Margaret has been accessing home care from Classic LifeCare for more than 10 years, during which time she has built strong relationships with our nurses and health care workers, who enjoy Margaret’s company and chats. We had the pleasure of interviewing Margaret on this recent milestone birthday to learn more about her life and her secret to good health.


Margaret’s Early Life:

Margaret was born in 1917 and grew up in a small town in Alberta. When she was 6 years old, she moved to Chilliwack and later spent some time in Toronto. Margaret moved to Richmond in 1928 and has lived there for the past 93 years. She remembers when Richmond was a small town, where everybody knew each other, and people traveled by tram. Margaret grew up with two sisters and one brother, and all four siblings worked as teachers.


What does Margaret credit her long life to?

A humble Margaret believes her long life was the ‘luck of the draw’. However, Margaret credits her healthy lifestyle as one of the influencing factors for her longevity. She reflects on how life has changed over the past 105 years. Margaret explained how they used to walk everywhere when she was younger and there wasn’t as much transport available. She and her family had a garden and they grew their own vegetables resulting in a wholesome nutritious diet. Margaret is amazed by the development of technology in recent years and how it is constantly changing and upgrading. She has jumped on board with some of the modern forms of communication as she receives emails on her mobile phone. Margaret’s advice to the future generation is to take time to listen and to be patient and kind to others.


Margaret loves seeing their families evolve and currently has five grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren. Margaret shares a birthday with her great-granddaughter who turned 5 years old this year. They are an amazing 100 years apart! Nowadays, Margaret enjoys spending time with her family, reading mystery stories, and going to the mall with her caregiver Nora.


How Margaret heard about Classic LifeCare’s Home Care

A family member recommended Classic LifeCare to Margaret for home care services and she is happy she decided to age at home. She believes maintaining her own routine at her home has influenced her long life. Margaret receives daily care, mostly from Nora who is a Healthcare Worker at Classic LifeCare. Nora and Margaret have formed a very close bond over the past 10 years. Margaret considers Nora a family member and is grateful for her daily visits and care.


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