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Active Community in Calgary

Active community in Calgary

Discover the vibrant active community in Calgary who find joy in the great outdoors through the Skrastins Outdoor Club.

The Skrastins Outdoor Club, located close to the stunning Canadian Rockies of Banff, Alberta, provides unforgettable experiences to people aged 55+ years in Calgary. They engage in a variety of outdoor activities such as regular hikes, skiing, and snowshoeing, throughout the year. Even in the winter months, they don’t let the cold stop them and continue to explore the snowy wilderness. The oldest member of the club is 92 years old at present and is still walking.


Founded in 1980 by Alf Skrastins, this non-profit organization was created with a simple yet powerful mission. Alf Skrastins once shared, “My main motivation for finding the University of Calgary Outdoor Centre was to inspire people to develop an interest in the outdoors and to eliminate any barriers that might be preventing them from doing so. My greatest satisfaction has come from seeing the pleasure and passion that so many people have experienced as a result of being able to venture into the wilderness.”


This Active Community in Calgary Offers Something for Everyone

Safety is paramount to the club, and they meticulously prepare for their adventures. They research trails in advance and assess the routes, distances, elevations, and trail conditions. They also equip themselves with essentials like bear spray and walking poles. It is important for them to hike in a group of four or more and to stick together to keep everyone healthy and safe.

The Skrastins Outdoor Club caters to members with various levels of ability, fitness, and speed. Each group has 150 to 200 members, ensuring that everyone can find their ideal hiking companions.


Catching Up with The Four Fossils

At Classic LifeCare, we hold the values of vitality and health and wellness close to our hearts. The inspiring journeys of the Skrastins Outdoor Club motivated us to assist them in spreading their remarkable story.

Recently, Classic Lifecare’s Business Growth Leader, Britney Didier-Shaw, had the pleasure of meeting the Four Fossils, a group within the Skrastins Outdoor Club. Members of this group include Luis, Margaret, Noreen, and Sheryl, who boast an age range of 62 to 75 years. Each member enjoys regular exercise which helps them to prepare for their epic hikes.

This active community in Calgary have made some remarkable achievements. They have conquered the summits of Rundle, Cascade Mountains, the Big Sister, Mount Kid, Mount Temple, Mount Lougheed, Mount Sparrowhawk, Mount Bogart, Mt Lady MacDonald, and many more.

Margaret, affectionately known as “Margaret the Legend,” embarked on her hiking journey at the age of 59 and has since reached the summit of Kilimanjaro, just before celebrating her 70th birthday. The next year, she had another noteworthy accomplishment, reaching the base camp of Everest. “I was invited to do a hike with the Skrastins Outdoor Club. Afterwards, I felt like I’d been on a 2-week vacation when really I’d spent one day in the mountains”.

At the age of 69, Sheryl hiked The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu and successfully finished the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal, crossing Thorong La Pass at an elevation of 5416 meters (17,873 feet).


Join This Active Community in Calgary on their Adventures

The camaraderie within the Skrastins Outdoor Club is as impressive as their outdoor conquests. With a touch of humour, one member confessed, “We don’t tell our family much about our outings,” with another chiming in, “My husband doesn’t even want to see the pictures!” Sometimes their family members join them, with one member laughing “My daughter accompanied us on our hike of Mount Sulphur. She was humbled.”

Luis praises the strong and inspiring women in the group who are always looking for new challenges. “Some of the men have tapered off with time, but the women keep showing up! It’s hard to find challenges for these ladies.”

Their message to others is clear and encouraging: “It is never too late to hit the outdoors. We hope to inspire others to get outdoors and immersed in nature to feed their souls.”

Join the Skrastins Outdoor Club and embark on your adventure in the great outdoors.