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A Journey of Purpose and Growth

By January 31, 2024Moments
Susan Fulton

Susan Fulton started her Classic journey in 1995. Initially, she worked for both Classic Caregivers, now known as Classic LifeCare, and Classic Homestead, now known as CONNECT. As Classic Homestead grew, Susan transitioned over to work full-time at their Langley location. Classic Homestead is an affiliated company to Classic LifeCare that supports people living with brain injury. She sought a more flexible nursing environment than a hospital setting, so she joined a budding startup. Susan was excited to help Classic Homestead grow in Langley, seeing this as an exciting and challenging opportunity.


Jan Sherwood’s Influence on Susan’s Leadership Path

After 15 years at Classic Homestead, she felt it was time for a change. Susan embarked on a new chapter at Classic LifeCare, stepping into the role of Clinical Leader. She reminisces fondly about her early days, working alongside the founder, Jan Sherwood.

While strategizing for Classic Homestead, Jan and Susan traveled to Ontario to observe the operations of another agency that supported people living with brain injuries. Jan’s dedication to putting the client’s needs first, in an environment that was functional as well as rehab-focused made a lasting impression on Susan. Inspired by Jan’s determination and mentorship, Susan found herself empowered to excel in her nursing role and lead others from the onset of her career.


Nurturing a Vibrant and Supportive Workplace Culture

Susan describes her journey at Classic LifeCare as an ever evolving, filled with both support and challenges. She mentions how there is never a dull moment as someone always has an idea. Susan expresses deep gratitude for the sense of purpose her role provides: “Every day, we are helping people to stay at home for as long as it is safe to do so. We address each client’s specific care needs to help them remain in their homes with an appropriate level of care. I’ve been given incredible opportunities at both Classic Homestead and Classic LifeCare. I enjoy collaborating with compassionate and fun people who share the same goal – to deliver the best home care experience.”

Referring to Classic as “sensitive, vibrant, and devoted,” Susan discusses her preferred projects: “Initiatives that positively influence our employees, clients, as well as their friends or family.”
Susan treasures numerous memories and highlights Classic’s dedication to fostering happiness and maintaining work-life balance among its staff. Engagements with colleagues, clients, and community partners foster an environment where positivity thrives.

During the turbulent period of COVID-19, Susan recalls the daunting challenge of safeguarding both clients and healthcare workers. The uncertainty posed significant difficulties, yet the team’s resilience prevailed, and Classic was able to provide safe care.


Advancing Technology, Milestones, and Future Visions

Over nearly three decades, Susan has witnessed significant technological advancements. The introduction of online charting to enhance accountability and streamline client care was a helpful addition. Achieving accreditation with an exemplary standing marked a significant milestone for Classic. Susan felt proud to witness recognition for years of dedicated effort, striving to deliver the highest quality care.

Looking ahead, Susan envisions nurturing supportive growth within Classic LifeCare’s teams. She aspires to continue meeting client’s specific care needs with safety, responsibility, and respect.


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