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A Dedicated Housekeeper in Prince George

By April 10, 2024Moments
Housekeeper in Prince Gorge - Arminda

Meet Arminda, a dedicated housekeeper in Prince George with Classic LifeCare. Arminda joined Classic LifeCare in May 2023 and she quickly became an integral part of our team. With her warm personality and dedication to excellence, she has earned the admiration and respect of many clients. Arminda’s journey highlights the values we hold at Classic LifeCare – integrity, compassion, and professionalism.


Arminda’s Journey from Portugal to Prince George

Originally from Portugal, Arminda and her family made the life-changing move to Canada when she was just three years old, seeking a better life. After living in various cities across British Columbia, including Oliver and Kelowna, Arminda finally settled in Prince George.

The decision to relocate to Prince George was driven by both practical and personal reasons. Prince George offered a lower cost of living, while it also enabled her to remain close to her stepdaughter who enrolled in a local university. Although still relatively new to Prince George, Arminda has quickly grown fond of the warmth and beauty that define its summers. However, she finds the harsh winter conditions challenging, as she’s more accustomed to milder climates and is still adapting.


Arminda’s Role as a Housekeeper in Prince George

With over 20 years of cleaning experience, Arminda brings a unique blend of expertise and passion to her role. Having previously worked in hotels, Arminda experienced firsthand the pressure of prioritizing speed over quality in housekeeping. However, her journey took a positive turn when she joined Classic LifeCare last year. “With Classic, I can focus on quality and have time to be detailed and thorough,” Arminda shares. This emphasis on quality resonates deeply with her, allowing her to build meaningful connections with clients while delivering exceptional service.

Arminda’s role as a housekeeper in Prince George entails visiting 2-3 homes per day, catering to both private and funded clients. The care plan created by the Classic LifeCare office team informs her about the cleaning duties she must complete for each client. Despite the variability in her shifts, Arminda approaches each task with efficiency and diligence. “My favorite jobs are the really big, challenging ones,” she admits. “I love the challenge of transforming a house and restoring order.

For Arminda, the most rewarding aspect of her role is witnessing the transformation in clients’ homes. “I make a difference,” she affirms. “It’s rewarding to see the change from the start to the end of my shift.” Her commitment to excellence and her meticulous attention to detail reflect her standards, ensuring that every client receives a great cleaning service.


Working as a Housekeeper in Prince George with Classic LifeCare

Arminda’s experience with Classic LifeCare in Prince George has been nothing short of exceptional. “I love Classic, they are the best employer I’ve ever had,” she enthusiastically shares. She credits the supportive office team for their friendly and efficient communication and for always making her feel like a valued team member. Classic LifeCare’s flexibility further enhances Arminda’s job satisfaction, “I usually don’t work the weekends as that is when I enjoy spending time with my family.”

Arminda’s dedication doesn’t go unnoticed by clients either; they frequently request her services, appreciating her hard work and attention to detail. One instance stands out for Arminda. After forming a good connection with a client, when she left, the client rang Classic LifeCare’s Head Office in Vancouver to commend Arminda’s work. This recognition not only filled her with pride but also reaffirmed her commitment to leaving a lasting impression on every client she serves.


Looking Towards the Future

While Arminda excels in her current role, she aspires to transition back into delivering home care. Her previous experience in Kelowna has ignited a passion for providing holistic support to clients, a path she hopes to pursue in the future.

Arminda’s journey as a housekeeper at Classic LifeCare embodies dedication, passion, and a relentless commitment to quality. Through her meticulous work ethic and genuine care for clients, she not only transforms homes but also leaves a lasting impact on those she serves. In Prince George, Arminda’s unwavering dedication shines bright, making her an invaluable member of the Classic LifeCare team.

Premier Housekeeping Services in Prince George

At Classic LifeCare, we take pride in our team of dedicated housekeepers who serve the community of Prince George with excellence. Whether you need light housekeeping, deep cleaning, or move-in and out services, our skilled professionals are here to help. We understand the importance of maintaining a clean and organized home, and we’re committed to delivering exceptional service that exceeds your expectations.

Please call our office at (250) 563-3501 to learn more about how we can assist you.