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A Decade of Meaningful Work at Classic

By January 31, 2024Moments
Lissa Miles

Lissa Miles, Director of Communications and Strategy, reflects on her meaningful work at Classic LifeCare over the past 10 years.  Lissa entered Classic LifeCare as a Communications Specialist, a freshly established position that granted her the autonomy to tailor it according to her preferences and expertise. This role jointly supported Classic LifeCare and CONNECT Communities, our sister company dedicated to supporting individuals living with brain injuries. The role’s flexibility and diversity allowed her to engage in multiple projects, ensuring each day presented a unique set of tasks and challenges.


Combining Passion and Meaningful Work
Raised in Alberta, her interest in storytelling and interviewing people stemmed from her father’s influence in Journalism. She completed a Journalism diploma and later pursued a Degree in Communications.  Lissa finds genuine fulfillment at Classic LifeCare, where her work feels truly meaningful.

“I enjoy interviewing clients and employees whose lives have been positively impacted by Classic LifeCare. The company’s care for its clients and staff has always resonated with me. I also love supporting our leaders to do their important work for the company.”

Lissa values her colleagues at Classic LifeCare, whom she considers her mentors “I learn a lot from others on the leadership team in both Classic and CONNECT. I have so much respect for my colleagues. I feel fortunate to work with such strong, hardworking female leaders, they’ve been a big inspiration for me. In addition, John’s ongoing trust and support have also empowered me to grow.”


Meaningful Work and Accomplishments

Among the various projects Lissa has undertaken in the past decade, a few noteworthy ones include producing the corporate video, incorporating the Classic LifeCare branding into our materials, and formulating proposals for new contracts and policies. Her contributions played a pivotal role in securing the AHS pediatrics contract and becoming an accredited home care agency.

Lissa’s colleagues praise her for elevating Classic LifeCare through the introduction of enhanced digital platforms, promoting professionalism and efficiency. She played a crucial role in translating the knowledge people had in their heads to documented policies, procedures, and orientations. The project she found most joy in was submitting a proposal for the AHS contract in 2014.

“It was one of my first projects at Classic LifeCare. When we were submitting this contract, I got to collaborate with the leadership team and get to know them better and spend a lot of time with Andrea Warren, who was the executive leader at that time. We worked hard, but also laughed a lot and got to know each other. While we were delighted to have secured the pediatric business back then, it has been amazing to watch that business grow over the past 10 years into what it is today.”

Lissa also reflects on the challenges she has encountered: “COVID was tough due to the high amount of uncertainty and frequent changes in guidelines. Each day it felt like we were sending out new employee updates. Another challenge is the ever-evolving landscape of the home care market that we need to stay on top of. Additionally, while drafting contract proposals can be stimulating, when they aren’t the successful proponent, it can be disappointing.”


Hope for the Future

Lissa expresses how she loves going to work every day as there is so much vitality in the offices. Her favourite memories at Classic LifeCare involve the social element of her work.

“This summer I taught my colleagues Ballet Beats, a fitness class, twice per week at lunchtime. It was so fun to get out of the office and work out together. I also love all the employee gatherings, whether it’s the Christmas parties, BBQs, or community volunteering.”

She describes Classic LifeCare as a place of “vitality, family, and respect”. Lissa’s vision for Classic LifeCare is growth while remaining true to its culture and mission, vision, and values. She is grateful to have found Classic LifeCare and so many life-long friends.