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A Compassionate and Supportive Employer

By September 22, 2023Moments

In a heartfelt conversation, Marina expresses her gratitude for Classic LifeCare as she praises them for being a supportive employer. Marina has worked as a Health Care Aide for Classic LifeCare Vancouver since 2010, following a long career of caring for people.


Born in the Philippines, Marina was one of twelve children. She had eight sisters, all of whom pursued careers in either nursing or teaching. At the age of 22, she moved to Saudi Arabia to work as a Registered Nurse where she enjoyed 30 great years. Having married a Chinese Canadian man who worked as an Engineer for BC Hydro, she decided to move to Vancouver.


Positive First Impressions

Reflecting on the beginning of her Classic LifeCare journey, Marina says:

I had just moved to Vancouver and a friend informed me about Classic LifeCare. My husband didn’t know that I had applied for a Health Care Aide position at Classic. I met the Vancouver team at my interview and everyone was so friendly. I remember they laughed at how prepared I was, I had printed both my resume and my diploma.

They offered me the job at the interview and said I could start the next day. My husband was shocked when I got up for work the next morning, ready to start my first day. I remember his concern as I didn’t know the city yet or the transport system. He brought me to my first client and every time I had a new client after that he drove me to their home so I could get familiar with the area.Marina recalls with gratitude.


Classic LifeCare proves to be a supportive employer

Sadly, Marina’s husband became ill in 2017. During this stressful time, Marina credits Classic LifeCare for being a caring and supportive employer.

Classic was so helpful when my husband was ill and for that, I am forever grateful. Cathy and Danielle were so empathetic and understanding, I really respect them both. They reassured me that I could come back to work when I was ready. In addition, Classic sent generous gifts including flowers and food items. I greatly appreciated their support in my time of need and that is why I have stayed at Classic for so long.


A Rewarding Career at Classic LifeCare

Marina is grateful for the strong bonds she has formed with her clients over the years:

I’ve had a very positive experience at Classic LifeCare. My clients are wonderful, and I love supporting them. They appreciate me and listen to me. I like knowing that I am making their life better.


Reflecting on some special memories of her time working as a Health Care Aide, she says:

I remember telling one of my clients that I was applying for Canadian citizenship which required some study. She was a retired Librarian and loved books. She volunteered to help me with my studies, asking questions and listening to my answers. When I got something wrong, she knew exactly what chapter I had to go back over. Before I sat my exam, she reassured me that I was ready and would pass. When I did, she bought me a scarf with all the different Canadian flags on it, it was so thoughtful. She also loved cats and in return, I bought her a scarf with a cat design.


Classic LifeCare; a supportive employer for almost 50 years

Marina shares a message for Classic on their 50th anniversary:

Classic LifeCare is where my heart is. They helped me a lot in both my personal and professional life, especially Cathy and Danielle. We all need kind people in our lives, like the people within Classic.

Classic LifeCare appreciates Marina’s dedication and commitment over the past 13 years. We are grateful to have such a caring person on our team who loves what she does. Her passion shines through in her work, with her clients regularly praising Marina.


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