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20-Years of Special Moments

By September 7, 2023Moments
20-years of special moments

As Classic LifeCare prepares to celebrate its 50th anniversary, Divina is also marking her 20-year journey of special moments. She joined the Classic LifeCare Vancouver team back in 2004 after becoming a Registered Care Aide. Since then, Divina has truly made a difference in the lives of her clients, whom she now considers family.

Divina’s life has been quite an adventure, as she cared for people around the world. She grew up in the Philippines as one of ten siblings. At 27, she moved to Singapore, working as a nanny for four years. Later, she took care of eleven children in Montreal before heading to Seattle in the US to join her five siblings. It was in Seattle that she transitioned from caring for children to caring for seniors. She dedicated two and a half years to caring for a senior lady without financial compensation.


Divina’s Classic LifeCare Journey Begins

Divina learned about Classic LifeCare (previously Classic Caregivers) while finishing her healthcare studies. Her professor shared a list of potential employers and Classic Caregivers was on that list. She recalls her interview fondly:

“Classic LifeCare was the first to reply to my application and I was invited for an interview. I was quite nervous on the journey to the interview. I met Susanne at the interview and she was very kind and friendly. Thankfully, I didn’t realize she was the co-owner of Classic!”

Over the past 20 years, Divina formed a special bond with owners John and Susanne Sherwood. They deeply appreciate her dedication and contributions to Classic. Divina has held various roles over the past two decades and is now primarily focusing on housekeeping, companionship, and meal preparation.


Special Moments as a Registered Care Aide

When asked to sum up her experience at Classic LifeCare in three words, Divina chose “I love Classic.” She elaborated, “This is the best company I’ve worked for, and that’s why I’ve stayed so long. I love the administration team, my clients, and helping people daily.”

“My clients and their families treat me with respect and appreciation. They often embrace and hug me. One of my clients who doesn’t have any family members told me that I am his family. It meant a lot to me that he feels supported.”

Though being a Care Aide has its challenges, it’s the little special moments that hold the most meaning.

Divina shared, “I used to cook for a client regularly. Her husband was in a nearby care facility and one day, he came home for lunch with my client, his wife. They enjoyed the interaction together and I was happy to witness and contribute to that joy. I love seeing my clients happy.”


Half a Century of Special Moments

When asked about a message for Classic LifeCare as it celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2024, Divina said:

“Congratulations to John, Susanne, and the entire Classic LifeCare team on reaching this special 50-year milestone. Thank you for trusting me and letting me be a part of the Classic journey for the past two decades. It’s been an honor, and I look forward to continuing to work with Classic LifeCare for several more years.”


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