A dedicated, caring team is here to help you with your private nursing care needs.

Below are a few of our valued employees in BC and Alberta passionate about providing the finest home care.

Health Care Worker Susana

Susana A., BBA

Health Care Aide

Susana has been with Classic for 12 years. Starting as a homemaker and companion, Susana was able to build on her experience as a live-in caregiver in Hong Kong and Vancouver where she cared for both the children and grandparents of busy professionals.

Clinical Leader

Susan Fulton

Clinical Leader

Susan Fulton's passion for her role as a home care nurse is immediately evident when she starts talking about her job. Working at Classic for more than 20 years, Susan is rarely seen without a smile on her face and a skip in her step.

Education Consultant

Petronilla, BA

Health Care Aide

Before coming to Canada, Nelly was a grade school teacher in the Phillipines. She knew what she wanted when she landed – to exercise her ability to bring laughter and smiles to people having a rough go of it.

Live-in caregiver Mary Ann

Mary Ann B.

Health Care Aide

A former midwife, Mary Ann started helping Classic clients part-time in 1997, working weekends while she was employed as a live-in caregiver for a Vancouver family.

Resident Care Aide Alice

Alice M.

Health Care Aide

Alice was just 14 years old when she became the sole caregiver for her nine siblings after her parents were killed during the war in her native Zimbabwe.

Resident Care Aide Leonarda

Leonarda D., BA Ed

Health Care Aide

In her 11th year with Classic, Laurie, as most call her, measures her work in units of joy.

Health Care Aide Hung

Hung N.

Health Care Aide

Before coming to Canada, Hung (or Henry as he's known to his friends) practised as a physician and surgeon at Hai Duong General Hospital and also as an Oncology Specialist at the National Cancer Institute in Ha Noi, Vietnam.

Resident Care Attendant Araceli

Araceli G.

Health Care Aide

"Everyone just calls me RC," says the former midwife who has been on the Classic team for just over three years. RC works with several clients with a range of needs.