Accredited by Accreditation Canada

Accredited with Exemplary Standing

Classic LifeCare is an accredited home care agency, receiving an Exemplary Status by Accreditation Canada. Accreditation Canada is an independent, non-profit organization that accredits healthcare organizations that meet their standards in quality, safety, and efficiency.

Achieving accreditation means that we are exceeding the most rigorous national healthcare requirements. Therefore we provide our clients with the finest homecare experience.

Accredited Home Care Since 2014

We are committed to creating a sustainable culture to best serve our clients and staff. Every four years, Accreditation Canada surveyors visit our offices and conduct an on-site survey. They observe the care we provide, speak with our staff, clients, families, and review our documents. This evaluation ensures that we are meeting established national standards on an ongoing basis and always striving to better our practices.

Why Accredited Home Care is Important

1. We’re meeting the highest national standards of excellence in health care

2. We provide safe, quality home care and are always looking for new ways to improve our services

3. We have policies that guide us and ensure we’re following safe, efficient practices

4. We make sure our staff is up to date on the most current health care practices by offering them free educational opportunities

5. We communicate openly with both our staff and clients

6. We treat our clients as people through our client-centred, personalized approach

7. We’re committed to our mission, vision and values in everything we do

Accreditation Canada Quotation Mark

Classic LifeCare has a solid leadership base with many long-term employees. The leadership team demonstrates the values of the organization and work together as a very close-knit team. The culture of the organization is based on cultivating an atmosphere where employees enjoy coming to work and providing care to their clients.

Accreditation Canada Surveyor