Susana Looking Forward to Life Cancer Free

Classic Health Care Worker Susana, following a mastectomy and chemotherapy, is happy to say she is cancer free.

Susana, who has been with Classic LifeCare for 15 years, is feeling great and looking forward to what the future holds.

“I’m just happy that everything is okay now,” she says. “What I want just now is to be healthy again and do what I’d been doing before, just continue working and serving my clients.”

Susana has always found it easy to connect with her clients, but now, having gone through cancer treatment, she has a better understanding of what they’re experiencing.

“I understand their feelings better now,” she says.

Finding out that she had breast cancer was an emotional experience for Susana. Since there was no history of breast cancer in her family, she was surprised by the diagnosis.

“When the doctor told me that I have lumps and that my mammogram was abnormal, there were lots of things that came to my mind,” says Susana. “Am I going to die? How long am I going to live? And the doctor gave me the assurance that I was going to be okay again.”

While Susana was going through treatment, she was thankful to have a strong network of friends to support her. Her friends helped her by driving her to appointments, calling to see how she was doing and asking if there was anything she needed.

“I am happy that I have friends like them.”

Because Susana’s breast cancer was diagnosed early, she was able to start treatment right away. Breast cancer is much easier to treat during the early stages, which is why it’s so important for women to have regular mammograms and talk to their doctors if they notice any changes.

“They found it early, so there was nothing to worry about,” says Susana. “But still I was scared, because once someone tells you that you have cancer everything is different.”

Now that Susana is cancer free, she’s looking forward to getting back into her old routine. She plans on staying active, taking holidays, and continuing to work with her clients. Although going through cancer was a challenging experience, Susana says “life must go on” and she’s happy to be back in good health.

According to the Breast Cancer Society of Canada, breast cancer affects one in nine women. To learn more about risk factors and symptoms of breast cancer, visit the Breast Cancer Society of Canada website.