Happy 5, 10 and 15 Years with Classic!

There was much laughter and a few tears on Monday as Classic LifeCare recognized health care workers celebrating anniversaries of 5, 10 and 15 years of service with the company.

“We wish we could tell you all more often how much we appreciate the work you do,” Executive Leader Andrea Warren told the group. “It’s not easy work and you all give so much of yourselves. From the bottom of my heart, we appreciate it.”

As recipients stood before the group to receive their gifts, they told stories, remembered past clients, talked about the challenges of the job and mostly talked about how much they enjoy their work and the clients they help.

Divina has been with Classic for 10 years and says she doesn’t count the days or hours.

“I do this work for the appreciation my clients and their families show,” she said.

Grace celebrated her 15th anniversary, in which time she went to school and became an LPN. While she works as a nurse in a facility, she continues to work as a health care worker with Classic because she enjoys the one-to-one relationship work of home care.

“It’s inspiring work because you really become part of the client’s family and they become part of your family.”

John Sherwood, owner of Classic LifeCare, said the company, started 40 years ago by his mother, Jan, was built by health care workers dedicated to their clients.  

“What strikes me when I hear your stories is how many lives you’ve impacted,” John told the group. “It takes a special person to do this work and I have enormous respect and appreciation for what you all do. Thank you.”