Get Schooled with Free Education from Classic!

You asked for education and we gave you the Classic LifeCare Academy. Now Classic LifeCare is offering incentives for you to take advantage of it!

Employees of Classic LifeCare are now being rewarded for completing courses through the Classic LifeCare Academy. Incentives to complete your assigned courses include: 

  • The Classic LifeCare Academy is free education for you;
  • You earn certificates for each accredited course you complete;
  • The courses are required in order to prepare for your employee review;
  • Effective May 1st, Classic LifeCare will acknowledge employees who have completed their courses with a special gift; and
  • Employees who complete their courses will be eligible for prizes in upcoming contests.

Some of these incentives are a result of a May 6 focus group where a group of Classic Health Care Workers and nurses gathered in Vancouver to talk about the Classic LifeCare Academy. While sitting around a table of cookies, the group did some brainstorming and talked about how to spread the message of this wonderful learning opportunity. Classic wants to ensure every Health Care Worker is aware of the opportunity to gain knowledge, sharpen their quality of care with skills and build on their confidence in their health care field.

One Health Care Worker, who completed five courses in just three days, said she appreciated having the chance to pick up some new skills.

“After being in the field for 16 years, it’s great to have the opportunity to upgrade my education for free,” she said. “I think it’s a wonderful opportunity for all of us.”

One of the biggest challenges in completing the courses is procrastination. To help overcome that, the Classic Academy courses can be completed on a computer, tablet or smart phone, or they can be completed on paper and sent to the office to be marked. So whether you’d like to do them on your phone while you’re on the bus, or if you’d prefer to sit somewhere quiet and write them by hand, you can choose the option that works best for you.

The education focus group also discussed some of the benefits of the courses. Completing courses on topics like diabetes and dementia can help put clients at ease, knowing you have extra training in areas that relate to their health concerns. It also provides an opportunity for personal growth and achievement. Once you’ve completed the courses, Classic can print off certificates that showcase the work you’ve done to upgrade your education.

An idea that was brought forward to encourage more people to complete the courses was providing incentives, like contests. Last year, the nursing team had a draw for employees who had completed all twelve courses, and Health Care Worker Anja won an iPad mini. Stay tuned for future contests, and in the mean time, keep working on those courses!

Susan Fulton, Classic's Clinical Leader, said her goal and the goal of the employees who participated in the focus group, is to have as many Health Care Workers as possible complete their academy courses.

"The employees who have completed their courses have found them very helpful and are grateful for the opportunity to refresh their skills and learn something new," said Susan. "These courses are good for our staff, good for our clients and good for our company to uphold its commitment to service, safety and quality."

Besides the assigned 12 courses, Health Care Workers can take advantage of hundreds of other courses through the Classic LifeCare Academy, such as basic first aid, life skills, time management and transfer skills.

As you complete your courses watch for more details regarding upcoming contests. Happy learning!