January 2017

Bola's Passion for People is Contagious

A breath of fresh air blew into the Classic LifeCare Calgary office on Tuesday, Jan. 24 – and her name is Bola.

Thank You for Your Years of Service!

Classic LifeCare recognized some VIPs recently in Alberta and BC.

Love that Bridges Continents, Breaks Language Barriers and Spans Decades

Chris and Meg fell in love nearly 60 years ago, building a love that still burns bright and a life thousands of miles from their respective homelands.

Classic's Calgary Collaborators Walk Down Memory Lane

The two women responsible for opening Classic LifeCare’s Calgary branch in 2004 reconnected for lunch and laughs on Friday.

How Seniors Can Deal With a Higher Cost of Living In 2017

Thanks to a combination of inflation, rate increases and higher taxes, 2017 is shaping up to be an expensive year across British Columbia, especially for seniors. The Canada Pension Plan, which many seniors rely on to pay the bills, is not increasing its monthly payments. So how can seniors keep up?

Here are a few of increased costs seniors can anticipate in 2017, along with some tips on how to manage your money better.

Stop the Spread of the Flu!

​We are still in the midst of flu season and we ask for you to continue to help prevent its spread.

Career Milestones - Providing the Finest Home Care

Words cannot express how grateful we are to those of you celebrating your five-, 10- and 15-year anniversaries with Classic LifeCare. Your dedication to providing the finest care for your clients is truly commendable!

We Welcome the Comox Valley to Classic LifeCare

We are proud to welcome OmniCare for People at Home, a Comox-based home care agency to the family. Classic LifeCare acquired the business as of December 1, 2016.