September 2016

Friendly Competition Winner - the Food Bank

Classic LifeCare's Vancouver and Calgary branches waged a friendly competition to see who could collect more non-perishable food for their local food banks.

How Nutrition Can Affect Your Quality of Life as You Age—And What to do About It

Proper nutrition plays an important role in how we age. According to one expert on geriatric nutrition, our diet makes the difference how we live and with and successfully manage chronic illnesses that are common in our later years.

Living a Life of Gratitude

Five years ago today Andrea Warren, Classic LifeCare’s Executive Leader, received the most precious gift of her life – a liver transplant.

Finding a Job—and a Purpose—In a New Country

Some names and situations have been changed in this story for privacy reasons.

When Edmar Mongaya arrived in Vancouver from the Philippines, he realized that he would have to do more than work hard to be a success in Canada.

"I was working in the fast food industry. It's actually higher than minimum wage, but nowhere near enough to afford an apartment in Vancouver, let alone build a life," Edmar said.