February 2014

Henson Trusts Provide Families with Disabled Children a Powerful Savings Tool

 Ensuring a disabled child or family member receives lifelong support is an important consideration. Not only must support last for 40 or 50 years, there are significant tax implications. Victoria BC wills and estates lawyer John Jordan discusses one financial planning tool for families living with a disability, a “Henson Trust.”

Helping Families Deal With Wandering Behaviour: an Interview With David Rittenhouse

David Rittenhouse is Co-Founder and Co-Director of Project Lifesaver of Greater Victoria, a public safety program created to locate people with cognitive disabilities (Alzheimer’s and Autism) who are prone to dangerous wandering behaviour.

His mission is to develop solutions keep seniors and others living with chronic conditions safe while able to maintain their independence and dignity, and reducing the overall costs with long term care.

Class is in Session

The Classic LifeCare Academy is helping you provide the finest home health care experience.

The Classic LifeCare Academy is an on-line learning centre where you can access health-related courses and earn completion certificates.

Classic LifeCare has had positive feedback from Health Care Workers who have completed some, or all, of the assigned courses.