December 2012

HELP is not a four-letter word

Asking for help can be terrifying. Accepting help can be challenging. We all want to retain our dignity and independence, but not asking for help can mean stalling a solution and escalating things into a crisis.

Roxanne's 5 Year

We celebrated Roxanne's 5 Year with Classic this week !  Roxanne is an endearing caregiver who has shown love to all the clients she's worked with over the years.  I reminded her of a time I stopped in to see Roxanne and her long term client at the time.  Roxanne was carefully curling her client's hair and I could tell her client was feeling quite pleased and pampered at this !  There was some sweet conversation between the two of them which showed me a relationship that only comes with time.  We feel very blessed to have Roxanne as a caregiver and