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Apr 12 2016

Home Care, Palliative Care and a Better Experience at the End of Life

Image caption: Sunset at English Bay. Image by Flickr user Achim Voss. License: CC BY 2.0

To protect privacy, some characters and voices in this article are composites, and are not actual customers or clients of Classic LifeCare.

They had met thirty years ago as undergrads at the University of British Columbia, and now their journey together was nearly over.

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Apr 08 2016

Come work with Classic!

Classic LifeCare is hiring and will be at the Mosaic Job Fair on April 12 from 10am - 4pm.

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Mar 11 2016

How One Japanese Woman is Helping Others Understand Alzheimers

"By 2030 there will be 3.3 million people living with Alzheimer's disease in Japan," says Yuka Sekiguchi. "There is almost no discussion about the issue in Japan, so while caring for my mother I am also trying to help spread the word about what it's like to live with dementia."

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Feb 05 2016

Celebrating 104th Birthday and an Upcoming Birth Day

Classic LifeCare client Eugenie, who just celebrated her 104th birthday, was thrilled when expectant mother Patricia Barrie, a Classic LifeCare administrator, paid her a visit recently.  

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Jan 29 2016

High Cost of Housing in Vancouver Splits Up Families

Skyrocketing housing prices in Vancouver and other cities in Western Canada hint at grave implications for a new generation of Millennial homebuyers. Despite BC's booming job market, the high cost of real estate is forcing younger purchasers to postpone starting a family, and is even forcing them out of the city where they grew up.

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Jan 12 2016

The Experience of Recovering from Open Heart Surgery

"We were on a cruise to Hawaii in October when Fred felt short of breath," says Edie. "At first he thought it was an asthma attack, but when the same thing happened when we returned home we went to the doctor. It was a heart attack."

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Dec 16 2015

Wishing our CEO a Speedy Recovery

Hip replacement surgery has given Classic LifeCare CEO John Sherwood a new perspective on physical rehabilitation and hope for a pain-free, active future.

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Dec 09 2015

Helping Handbags

In the spirit of giving, Classic LifeCare is collecting handbags, toiletries and other essentials for Vancouver women in need.

Unlike some Christmas charity campaigns, this initiative runs until February. We are collecting purses, toothbrushes, soap, deodorant, cosmetics, feminine products, socks, underwear and cash donations.

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Dec 09 2015

The Glass is Half Full

Something special happens at Classic LifeCare when client Abraham calls. From the admin team to Client Care Coordinators to nurses, people start to gush.

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Nov 26 2015

Neuroplasticity: How to Teach Your Brain New Tricks

As we adapt and regain mobility following a severe brain injury our bodies can form new neural networks

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