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Oct 22 2012

Run for the Cure: Calgary 2012

The Calgary Canadian Breast Cancer CIBC Run for the Cure was an amazing gathering of people. The crowd arrived in the early morning sporting outrageous pink attire, ribbons, bows, tutus and spandex. Even the men came adored in frilly pink attire. It was a laugh but also an inspiration to see so much hope floating in the air.

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Oct 18 2012

Introducing the Westshore Seniors Network Group

To address the real need for a service that would educate and support seniors in the Westshore instead of them having to come into Victoria, the Westshore Seniors Networking Group has come together in the last year with the help of founder Nicole Donaldson.

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Oct 17 2012

Celebrating team milestones

We are SO lucky to have so many excellent people choose to stay with our family for so long. We're thrilled to acknowledge their career milestones this year:

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Oct 09 2012

Annabelle: Cancer won't win

Annabelle comes from a family of 9 children.  Born and raised in the Philippines, she has her BA in Education and wanted to be an elementary school teacher but had to put her dreams on hold to help support her family. 

She was a live-in caregiver for 16 years in Hong Kong before immigrating to Canada.

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Oct 09 2012

Betty's breast cancer journey

Betty McKay is a former Classic LifeCare Nursing Supervisor. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in the summer of 2008.

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Jul 26 2012

Accreditation Canada Update

Classic LifeCare has successfully completed our Primer survey with Accreditation Canada under the Home and Community Care Standards.

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Jul 25 2012

The gift of life

Executive Leader Andrea Warren has has come face-to-face with her own mortality many times. Thankfully, she's still with us to share her story and continue her work helping others. 

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Jul 24 2012

Living well by eating right

Healthy eating is a major factor in working towards improving your health.

Balanced, nutritious meals and healthy snacks all contribute to your body receiving adequate amounts of nutrients, managing weight, lowering blood pressure, controlling blood sugar levels and lowering cholesterol.

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Jul 16 2012

Jean's Haitian Soccer Camp

Classic LifeCare employee Jean Lubin is truly caring and compassionate person. On a recent trip back home to Haiti, he witnessed the devastating effects of the January 2010 earthquake. Seeing, first-hand, how difficult life is now for the majority of Haitians,  Jean began to plan how he could help the community of Miragoane, Haiti.

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Apr 19 2012

The art of the moment

If you ask Howard Freeze what he did for a living, he'll tell you he's an artist who happened to make money in dentistry.

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