Fit for work – Don’t Let Arthritis be the BOSS of YOU!

November 7, 2013 - 6:30pm
Comfort Hotel & Conference Centre - 3020 Blanshard St., Victoria (lots of free parking)

Arthritis Society of BC

Symptoms like pain and fatigue can sometimes make it difficult to stay on top of your job.  And there’s always the worry that your arthritis will only get worse……Do you ask yourself if you will be able to continue working?  Come to this Public Forum where we will discuss Arthritis,  learning to pace activities, the necessity of excellent posture and most importantly using the right tools and gadgets.  With this - You can lighten your workload!

Presented by the Manager of Occupational Therapy from The Victoria Arthritis Centre.

To Register: call Toll Free 1-866-414-7766    or