BC Children's Hospital Foundation - Jeans Day

April 25, 2013 - 8:00am


Buy a button and support BC's kids! Who wears the "C"?

Jeans Day™ is an easy and fun way to support BC Children’s Hospital Foundation. If your school or workplace has a formal dress code or uniform, Jeans Day™ is a fun break from the ordinary. If you already wear jeans on a daily basis we still hope you’ll show your support by purchasing a button or pin.

Is there a cost to my organization?

There is no cost to your organization. Lapel pins and buttons are provided on consignment; you only pay for the quantity purchased by employees and friends.

What is the Jeans Day™ Champion's role?

As the Jeans Day™ Champion, you are our point of contact for your organization. We ask you to:

  • Register your organization and let us know how many lapel pins and buttons you think you will be able to sell.
  • Promote the event within your workplace and encourage your colleagues to participate by purchasing a Jeans Day™ button or lapel pin and wear their jeans on Jeans Day™.
  • Collect proceeds from the sales of buttons and lapel pins and send a cheque to BC Children's Hospital Foundation.

What resources am I given to promote the event at my workplace?

Jeans Day™ Champions are supported with:

  • Jeans Day™ buttons and lapel pins
  • Jeans Day™ posters
  • Reporting form and tax receipt form to be returned after April 25

What should I do with leftover buttons and lapel pins that I did not sell?

Our environmentally friendly buttons and lapel pins can both be recycled. Simply pull off the pin from the back of the button and drop in your paper recycling. The lapel pins can be placed in your metal recycling.

For more information visit www.jeansday.ca