Susana A., BBA

Health Care Worker

Susana has been with Classic for 12 years. Starting as a homemaker and companion, Susana was able to build on her experience as a live-in caregiver in Hong Kong and Vancouver where she cared for both the children and grandparents of busy professionals.

Susana brings a full suite of experience to the Classic team: companionship, personal care, homemaking and palliative care. Experience she combines with the analytical skills honed by her BA in Business Administration to help clients overcome health challenges.

"As the people I cared for aged and their needs expanded, the nurses at Classic provided on-the-job training rather than replace me with a Registered Care Attendant, which would have disrupted the relationships that I had developed with my clients," says Susana. " I did not like the idea of abandoning the people I cared for when they needed me more than ever. So, I was more than willing to learn how to provide personal care. I gained skills and was able to take on heavier care cases as the years passed. 

"I absolutely love providing live-in care for the elderly. Companionship and the sense of family my clients provide me is every bit as important to me as the companionship I provide to them," she says.