Petronilla, BA (Education)

Before coming to Canada, Nelly was a grade school teacher in the Phillipines. She knew what she wanted when she landed – to exercise her ability to bring laughter and smiles to people having a rough go of it.

2012 marks Nelly's 10th year with Classic. It wasn't easy for the first few years in her new country, but she persevered, working several jobs while going to school to become a registered care attendant.

"In the Philippines, the older you are the more respect you are given. So I treat the people I care for like they were my own mother or father. It provides me with comfort to have elderly people in my life. I love the people I care for. They are like family and give me purpose." 

Nelly has an intuitive gift, being able to read people even when they can't express themselves, adapting her approach to suit the needs of those in her care. "Plus," she says "I get to focus on just one person at a time. I am blessed."

Nelly's clients are also blessed because she is something of a kitchen queen, her specialty being jams and preserves.