Mary Ann B.

A former midwife, Mary Ann started helping Classic clients part-time in 1997, working weekends while she was employed as a live-in caregiver for a Vancouver family.

In 2000, Classic offered Mary Ann a full-time day position with a client that had suffered a severe brain injury after falling at work. The client requires ongoing rehabilitation. She is the main component of a team of people who help him. Physiotherapists, nurses and doctors are also on the care team. 

"He is part of a large family and this really appeals to me as I feel most comfortable surrounded by a large family because of my own childhood. I'm still with them 12 years later," she says. The client she cares for requires guidance and assistance for most of his daily living activities. He is also diabetic so Mary Ann has been able to learn a great deal about this disease and helps keep it under control by administering his insulin and monitoring his diet, exercise and blood sugar. 

Mary Ann finds plenty of variety in her profession, even though she has cared for the same person for 12 years. "He is always making small improvements so his needs are constantly changing. I like that Classic respects my opinions when it comes to my client's care and allows me to assist in the evolution and delivery of his care plan."

"I know I will stay with my client for the rest of his life. I consider him a member of my family and I know his life is better because of the work I'm doing. I'm a very loyal person and never abandon the people I care for. I always allow my assignments to come to a natural conclusion. This is better for my clients and better for me."