Marla E., RN

And to think this 30-year career nurse (and avid bird-watcher as we have discovered) had, at one time, set her sights on a career as a history teacher.

A university entrance requirement saw a young Marla volunteering as a candy-striper during her last year of high school. It was while spending time with residents of an extended-care facility that she discovered nursing was her true calling. "These residents had lived the ‘history‘ I so loved reading – after a few months, I knew this was the profession for me!" she says.

Over her career, Marla has enjoyed many healthcare positions, including medical/surgical units, critical care and family practice. Now, in her 10th year with Classic, Marla continues to celebrate the ‘living history‘ that clients present and is inspired by how resilient and adaptive the human spirit can be in the face of all manner of challenges.

"One of our clients is in her 80's and got an iPad for Christmas. I know people in their 40's that are intimidated by technology but not this lady. She's got her reading list on there and is emailing family like nobody's business. Her goal is to master one new feature each week."

"This is a perfect example of what you get when you treat the person, not the condition."