Leonarda D., BA Ed

Resident Care Aide

In her 11th year with Classic, Laurie, as most call her, measures her work in units of joy.

“I love working with elderly ladies,“ says Laurie. “My favourite clients are the ones that start out very resistant to the idea of having care and I can very much understand that. I like finding ways to help them accept that this care will make their lives easier so they have the energy to do the important things in life. These ladies remind me of a time in my life when I spent many happy days with my own grandmother. Now instead of a grandmother caring for me I get to care for them. The relationships I have with the people I care for is very important to me. They are all very different but all so special.“

A former elementary school teacher, Laurie is always singing. Singing at church, singing to herself and singing to her clients. “It’s like a natural medicine,“ she says.

Like many on the Classic team, Laurie is an excellent cook, even learning how to prepare a proper Kosher diet for a client. “This was a little difficult at first but with their guidance I caught on before long. It was great bonding. Now, I’m told I make okhel ta'im!“