Hung N.

Health Care Aide

Before coming to Canada, Hung (or Henry as he's known to his friends) practised as a physician and surgeon at Hai Duong General Hospital and also as an Oncology Specialist at the National Cancer Institute in Ha Noi, Vietnam. 

So, to say that Hung brings healthcare expertise to Classic is somewhat of an understatement. Hung has been with the Classic family since 2005 and with the same client since his first day on the job (which, to him really isn't a job). If asked, he would tell you that talking is the best part of what he does. If you ask a client and their family, they would tell you that listening is what he does best. Hung's gift is his ability to view challenges from all angles and work methodically and dilligently to minimize or remove them completely. With a client, "Henry" is more often felt than he is heard, maintaining a consistently calm and gentle presence in the home, keeping things quiet and peaceful.

An active member of his church, he is a busy husband and father of two children. He also finds time for other important pursuits: playing sports, visiting the zoo and taking in the odd movie.