Araceli G.

Resident Care Attendant

"Everyone just calls me RC," says the former midwife who has been on the Classic team for just over three years. RC works with several clients with a range of needs.

The care she provides runs from homemaking to full personal care. Many of the clients in her care have some form of memory issue, brain injury or dementia. "I think I work well with these clients because I'm a very quiet, calming person. This seems to have a soothing effect on people," she says.

RC's husband of four years got her hooked on hockey and she has yet to miss a Canucks game.

Like an NHL'er, she is not one to back down from a challenge. RC actually finds challenges the reason she loves what she does. "I really like figuring out how to overcome the challenges my clients face and making their lives easier. Sometimes I can arrive on a job where a person refuses to eat, bath or take their medication. For me it is about getting to know the person, their history and figuring out what will make them want to do these things. It's like putting a puzzle together and so gratifying when I solve this type of challenge and see a client flourish under my care."